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Room Reservations

Spacious Game Room Reservations

Finding game room reservations is easy in Beavercreek, OH. At Dragon's Guildhall, we welcome adventurers and gamers of all ages to relax and unwind with their favorite games. Whether you're looking for a new space to bring your Dungeons and Dragons party or you need a quiet corner to ponder through the latest in tabletop strategy games, we have the space you need.

Game Room 1

Celtic Dragon



Game Room 2

Asian Dragon

Game Room 3

3-Headed Dragon

Affordable Gaming in Your Own Space

At Dragon's Guildhall we, we enjoy nothing more than helping our customer's enjoy their hobbies at an affordable rate. Call to book a reservation - pay when you come in. We also understand that scheduling for gaming can be complicated, so we allow our customers to reschedule at no cost (preferably a day in advance), and we won't ever charge you if you need to reschedule for weather or emergencies.

Celtic Dragon $3.00/hr.

Single Room for up to 8 People

Asian and 3-Headed Dragon $4.00/hr.

Single Long Room for up to 16 People

Kitchen $5.00 

  • Single Room for up to 18 People
  • Parties Okay With Extra $25.00 Deposit
  • Includes Sink and Dishwasher
  • Negotiable Fridge Space
  • No Cooking Permitted

Multiple Rentals Discount

When you make multiple booking at once at Dragon's Guildhall, we reward you with an extra discount based on the number of bookings you make. This makes us the perfect locale for you to enjoy role-playing sessions week after week at a very affordable rate!

  • 5% Off for Four
  • 10% Off for Eight
  • 15% Off for Twelve
  • 20% Off for Sixteen
  • 25% Off for Twenty

Large Game Room

Large Game Room

Need a LOT of space for an event or party! Our Large Game Room may be rented for private events/parties during weekdays or semi-private events/parties during evenings/weekends. Rates vary depending upon day, time, and the amount of space needed. Please, call for more information.